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‘Pool test’ recommendation for fast scanning in Corona virus – health news

Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, Ankara University. Dr. İsmail Balık said that the cases and the rate of increase in cases have decreased in Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Fish said, “Our number of cases started to decrease. But there are some things that need to be done so that we do not meet with a wave again after it started to decrease. Last year, we had a comfortable summer after the opening of the spring months, but we encountered a wave in the autumn. “There is one thing, in order not to meet with a wave again, there is such a risk in the autumn, if we do not make some strategy changes,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Pointing out that one of the strategy changes could be the practice of pool testing, Pisces said, “Pool testing means doing a single test with a test sample taken from 10 people. We normally do one test on a sample from one person. It is a very practical and rational application in terms of scanning the crowds in the same environment, saving both time and money.

In the pool test, let’s say 10 people were tested. If all of them are negative in this 10 test, all 10 people are considered negative. If the test is positive in the pool test for 10 people, then we need to test those 10 people separately. Therefore, the test positivity rate should drop below 5 percent to implement such an application. In periods falling below 5 percent, that is, in the coming days; Our infection rate will slow down and our incidence of 100 thousand cases will fall below 100. Therefore, our test positivity rates will also decrease. Therefore, it will be possible to scan many people with the same number of tests with this pool test application, “he said.


Noting that even if the number of daily tests does not increase, it is necessary to perform the pool test application for certain groups. Dr. “For example, with the opening of schools, crowded workplaces, and crowded areas such as classrooms and barracks, factories, it is easy to switch to pool test for screening people there. Thus, it is possible to screen a large number of people with a small number of tests. This is an extremely important practice to control the spread of the disease even in periods when the rate of infection is low, by catching them and quarantining them. “This is applied first to the groups we mentioned in China, then in the USA, Germany, England and France from time to time.”

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