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Pregnant woman contracted corona virus and swine flu at the same time

Fatma Yıldız, whose condition worsened after the corona virus diagnosis, was subjected to some tests after being hospitalized. Patient Fatma Yıldız, whose liver tests were out of reference and whose oxygen levels were very low when entering the intensive care unit, was put to sleep on a life support machine for 12 days.

The patient, who also developed a resistant intensive care infection, came to life with the efforts and successful treatment of the intensive care team during this period. Patient Fatma Yıldız and her baby were discharged from the intensive care unit in good health.


Reminding that the patient has a life-threatening risk, Gülseren Elay said, “When we took over our patient, the oxygen values ​​were far below the expected values, and the mother’s brain functions and the baby’s life were at risk. In order to minimize these risks, we put our patients to sleep very deeply and applied preventive treatment methods. We also detected swine flu in the blood test of our patient, whose Corona virus test was positive. In addition to all these, the liver functions of our patient were also impaired due to viruses. Our patient stayed in the life support machine for a total of 12 days and in the intensive care unit for 20 days. During this period, Acinetobacter infection detected in intensive care units resistant to many antibiotics also reproduced in the blood of our patient. We had to carefully choose the drugs that were available and that would cause the least harm to the baby. We carried out protective treatments for the mother on the one hand and the baby on the other, “he said.


Stating that the infection in the patient regressed as a result of all these efforts, Elay said, “Our patient’s liver functions have improved and our baby is now in his twenty-seventh week. We have determined that the baby is also quite healthy with the tests performed. .

GAUN Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Belgin Alaşehirli said, “Many drugs used in corona virus treatment in pregnant women are in C category. In other words, it is likely to harm the baby. Therefore, the treatment should be applied more carefully on pregnant women. In this process, pregnant women should follow the rules more strictly and be much more careful. I would like to express my gratitude to all our intensive care team, who have been working devotedly since the beginning of the process, for their hard work and sensitivity. ”

Yıldız, on the other hand, stated that she had a difficult process and thanked the hospital physicians, healthcare professionals and family for their support in the treatment of her disease.

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