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Private school associations: speed up the vaccination of education staff in gradual normalization

Special Education and Training Association (ÖZDEBİR), Private Education Association (ÖZDER), Turkey Private Schools Association (TÖZOK), Private Education Institutions Association (ÖZKURBİR), All Private Education Institutions Association (TÖDER), in a joint statement, It was stated that schools were among the first institutions to be closed during the epidemic process that started in April.

Although face-to-face education has been carried out in some classrooms in a diluted form in a short time since that period, it is stated that mostly distance education has been carried out, and in the reports prepared by many institutions and organizations, especially TUBITAK, participation in distance education is less especially in official schools and students benefit from education. It was determined that it was not at the desired level.

In the statement, which recorded the problem of students trying to receive informal education during the periods when schools were closed, the following evaluations were made:

“Distance education has exhausted students and parents, especially teachers. In addition to learning losses, psychological, social and physical losses have occurred in students and screen addiction has increased. It is not acceptable for us to be one of the countries that shut schools face-to-face for the longest time in the world. We know from the statements of all officials that educational institutions have no share.

For all these reasons, we believe that it is a country duty for schools to start face-to-face education. After May 17, when we will switch to partial normalization, our primary wish is to speed up the vaccination of teachers and start face-to-face education immediately in all classes. “

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