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Production period has started for ‘mad honey’, which is the subject of the Sherlock Holmes movie

Production period has started for 'mad honey', which is the subject of the Sherlock Holmes movie

The production period of “mad honey”, which is also the subject of the Sherlock Holmes movie due to its characteristics, has begun. While the price of pure mad honey, which was produced around 5-6 tons in Kastamonu, was around 250 liras last year, it is expected to be around 300 liras this year. Because of the limited production time, people queue up 1-2 years in advance for mad honey, which is produced very little.

Crazy honey is obtained by bees taking nectar from “rhododendron”, which grows on the Black Sea coast and blooms 15-20 days a year.
Kastamonu Beekeepers’ Association President Ahmet Erdem said that Kastamonu has rich vegetation. Pointing out that there are around 13 thousand nectar plant species around the world, Erdem said, “There are 9-10 thousand of them in our country, but 40-50 plant species are only available in Turkey. One of them is ‘Rhododendron’ in Latin, but it is called rhododendron among the people. It has unique colors. It grows in coastal areas such as Kastamonu, Artvin, Ordu, Düzce, Zonguldak and Bartın.”
Emphasizing that the rhododendron stays in bloom for a very short time, Erdem said, “When the chestnut trees bloom, the production of rhododendron honey ends. If we want to buy pure rhododendron honey, we need to get the honey from the hives after the chestnut trees bloom.
Stating that crazy honey is produced in some parts of Kastamonu’s Çatalzeytin, İnebolu, Abana, Bozkurt, Doğanyurt, Cide, Küre districts, as well as Azdavay and Şenpazar districts, Erdem said, “Pure crazy honey is produced around 5-6 tons in Kastamonu. When we think of it mixed with chestnut honey. It reaches 15-20 tons,” he said.
Stating that mad honey increases the body’s resistance, Erdem said: “It has the feature of being good for blood pressure, sore throat and inflammation, chronic bronchitis. It is necessary to use this honey in a certain amount for medicine. It is necessary to consume 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach or at night. It is also called ‘holding honey’ because it lowers blood pressure when consumed,” he said.
Stating that mad honey was requested for medicine, not breakfast, Erdem added: “Mad honey is a honey that increases body temperature. The Covid-19 outbreak increased the interest in this honey. It has become a sought-after product in the pandemic as it increases body resistance. “The price has increased. Last year it was around 250 liras per kilo, this year it is expected to be around 300 liras. We do not expect much production this year, as the weather is constantly rainy during the production period.”
Zülkif Özcan, who produces mad honey in Uluköy village of İnebolu district, said that only Caucasian bees make this honey. Stating that the same honey is called “komar honey” in the Eastern Black Sea region, Özcan said, “If the weather is good, the yield will be good, if not, it will be bad. It is used for discomfort such as cough, sore throat, heartburn. It is known that it is very good for asthma and bronchitis. It is healing when eaten with a spoon. “Excess is harmful. Because time is limited, very little is produced. There is high demand. People queue up 1-2 years ago. Last year, honey ran out due to the corona virus. This disease also increased honey sales. Even the honey in the hives was sold.”
Mad honey was also featured in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie. After the revival of Lord Blackwood, who was executed in the movie, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Doctor Watson investigated the mystery of the event.
As a result of his research, Sherlock Holmes determined that before he was executed, Blackwood was thought to have died after eating mad honey and his pulse stopped for a while. Sherlock Holmes explained the secret of the event with the words “Mad honey grows in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, makes you sleepy and lowers your heart rate”.

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