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Prof. Dr. Ceyhan: ‘Intranasal Covid’ vaccine prevents transmission of the virus – health news

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in a written statement after the Scientific Committee meeting, said, ‘İntranazal Covid‘announced that Phase 1 studies will be started very soon.

Koca noted that if the initiative of Turkish scientists concludes, the production efficiency of this vaccine will be very high, and 250 million doses can be produced annually in 1 facility.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan made an assessment regarding the Intranasal Covid vaccine. Prof. Dr. Ceyhan stated that the goal put in the first place in pandemic vaccines is to end the epidemic.

Emphasizing that the easiest way to end the pandemic is to prevent transmission, Ceyhan said, “There should be a live vaccine to prevent the transmission. However, it is not possible to develop a live corona virus vaccine before 3 years. There are vector vaccines that are alive but the corona virus in it cannot be alive. Adenovirus is live and only. The barbed structure of the corona virus has a gene. The only vaccine candidate that can prevent transmission in a short time seems to be the ‘Intranasal Covid’ vaccine. Another important thing in the pandemic vaccine is that it is easily accessible, easy to produce, and can last for a long time. Therefore, many vaccines we use do not have these features.


Prof. Dr. Stating that there have been studies on this vaccine since the end of last year, Ceyhan said, “More than 10 groups are working on this vaccine. One of these groups started Phase 1 studies on January 10. This will bring great convenience to pandemic vaccination. The only problem here is. If it is produced by 3-5 companies, there will be difficulties in the supply of vaccines. Presently, the companies that develop intranasal vaccines continue to negotiate with the states, they are already trying to make connections if successful vaccines are released, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Ceyhan said the following regarding the advantages of Intranasal Covid vaccine:

“It can be transported and stored at room temperature. It can prevent the virus from entering the body directly because it is administered through the nose. Other vaccines have no effect until they come across with blood cells. Therefore, it also prevents vaccinated people from taking the virus and infecting others. This is something that has been achieved with the vaccines produced so far. It is very easy to apply, no injectors are inserted. Nasal sprays can even be applied by the person himself. It reduces vaccine instability; many people do not want to be vaccinated because of the fear of injection, it eliminates it. You go to a health institution and vaccinate all of them with a spray in your hand. It is vaccinated with a single dose, two doses are not used. Intranasal Covid vaccine is not possible before 7-8 months. ”

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