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Prof. Dr. Ceyhan: The number of patients with mutant virus is around 400 thousand – health news

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the mutation had spread and that a total of 41 thousand 488 British mutants were seen in 76 provinces. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan said that we should not expect the mutation to “get worse, to watch more slowly”. Prof. Dr. Ceyhan emphasized that for the virus to get better or worse, two different mutations should develop in the same virus in both cases, “ It will become more severe in one, and it will become better in the good scenario; but it will definitely become more contagious in both. “If it does not become more contagious, it will not be possible to replace the original virus. After this is the first change, we will see that the number of cases will increase if it does not mutate here and continues in this way,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Ceyhan, 41 thousand 488 England mutation disclosed in Turkey is recalled, “Here, as is also still in the original virus we roughly we detect 1 in 10. This means that we can estimate that around this 41 thousand to 400 thousand. Mutant virus in the country If it is seen a lot somewhere, the relationship of these places with other regions should be restricted. We have not taken such a measure. People who carry the virus or have no symptoms are traveling. Why did we say ‘Istanbul is the province that will increase the second most cases after the Black Sea’? These people who go to Istanbul start spreading the mutant virus, you realize at that time. When you decide to take local measures there, you see the mutant virus spread. This is why taking precautions is not very effective after realizing it. as long as you practice these measures throughout Turkey increased cases where we can not control the epidemic by implementing local measures, “he said .


Drawing attention to the freedom of travel, Ceyhan said, “Everyone carrying the virus can go wherever they want. While you are making great efforts from one place, the cases go from under your seat and go to other places. General measures should be applied throughout the country, of course, if there is an abnormal increase in one place, special measures are also there. you apply. Turkey’s applicable to the general and cases reduced the period in which the ongoing need to have a package of measures. in particular mutation must be densely going out controlled provinces. If you have a job, if it documents, you can already go yaptırarak tested with special permission, but only travel, cruising, Visiting trips should be restricted for places where mutation is intense. ” The mutant virus is increasing in which provinces and not in which provinces ” It does not matter in terms of epidemic control. ‘It is now increasing everywhere.’ One has to control this epidemic by taking measures on a provincial basis. “There is no country.”


Prof. Dr. Ceyhan, regarding the age group where the mutant virus is most common, “It has been reported from several countries in a row that the patients with the mutant virus are younger children, especially in the 0-9 age group. It affects mostly young children, as much as the original virus. It has been shown to affect younger people, not older people. When the mutant virus was not there, vaccine companies were announcing their production capacities, but when they got involved, they couldn’t produce such high-dose vaccines. “My guess is that within months, mutant viruses will replace the original virus due to the difference in transmission rate. Developing more effective vaccines for the mutant virus is seen as more profitable for companies, and the need will be higher,” he said.

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