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Prof. Dr. Ceyhan: Your chances of not catching the virus in Istanbul are very low – health news

It is stated that it is necessary to be very careful against the epidemic in Istanbul, which attracts attention with the increasing number of cases.

Head of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan said that stopping the increase of corona virus cases is not possible with regional measures.


Prof. Dr. Referring to the measures taken against corona virus in the spring period, Ceyhan said, “Let’s remember the spring period, considering the precautions we take, schools are closed, there is a travel ban, there is only a gradual work practice even in the public, restaurants are closed, over 65 and under 20 cannot go out for months, population We have reduced the number of cases from 5,000 to thousands with these measures, because it has begun to relax. And most importantly, we are trying to control the epidemic with regional measures. This does not seem possible, “he said.

‘Measures should be implemented to TURKEY’

Prof. Dr. Stating that the cases may continue to increase, Ceyhan said, “Increases of cases will continue to increase if we go with these measures. Certain places will be closed in Ramadan, but there is no travel restriction. There is no staging of the shifts, public transport is full. Trying to control all these by dividing the provinces into different categories, a little virus. is like going to take lightly. it is a moment in the epidemic situation in Turkey, taken all measures should be implemented throughout Turkey, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan, case stating that most on Istanbul, “is spreading to other places in Istanbul. Among the people to Istanbul, Turkey, Wuhan, ‘it said. Now he Wuhan property was lost because the Chinese have control of disease in Wuhan, was the only center . ‘check Istanbul as we check to Turkey, “I thought, unfortunately, not because the virus has spread everywhere. of course, the necessities of life conditions need public transport, and differences in time spent in traffic Istanbul makes it even more risky. Our overall Turkey 360 “There are thousands of active cases we have detected, that is, there are people who have the potential to infect the virus. If you do not do a screening test, it means that 10 times as many people are now carrying the virus and have the potential to infect.”

Prof. Dr. Ceyhan continued his statements as follows:

“When you go out on the street in Istanbul, when you get on the subway, when you get on the bus, your chances of not catching the virus are very low. We look at the story of many virus-positive people; they work from home, never go out, went to the market once, and the whole family is positive. You have to be careful when you step out and even take a step at home.As long as someone from the house goes out, for example, there are 4 people at home, when 1 person goes out and you close that person with a curfew, the most common place of infection is inside the house. If these measures are to be implemented, there should be no difference in age group or region. ”

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