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Prof. Dr. Ugur Sahin: If all goes well, we can start vaccination in Turkey at the end of this month – Health News

Şahin, pointing out that the new wave in the pandemic will be with humanity for a few months, “It is very important that we prevent the most infection possible. In parallel, we need to continue to vaccinate.” said.

Uğur Şahin said, “I believe that with 4 vaccines approved by authorities, Europe can be immunized against the virus until the end of the summer, but there is still a lot to do about it.” used the expression.

Stating that there is a new beginning in the pandemic with the virus variants emerging in England, Şahin said, “The problem with the Covid-19 variant emerging in the UK is faster and easier transmission of the virus. We need to work on this issue at every level. Everyone should protect himself and others. the only way to check. ” he spoke.

Underlining that the epidemic came at an unexpected time, Şahin said:

“We have been struggling with this epidemic for a year. In the history of medicine, there has not been a vaccine so quickly. This was possible with the use of information by international employees. We will solve this problem in the next 6 months. The important thing is that we need to be prepared for the future epidemic. We need to get the vaccine production capacity. “If there is another epidemic, we need to have plans so that we can act faster.”

Stating that when they started vaccination studies, their aim was to make safe, effective and as much distribution as possible, Şahin said, “We have achieved these. We developed the vaccine in less than a year and started to distribute vaccines. Our 2021 goal is to distribute as many vaccines as possible. We started distributing vaccine doses. ” he spoke.


Stating that it is possible to apply two different vaccines against the corona virus on the same person, Şahin said, “This may be possible, but it should be tested. A clinical trial has been initiated in England on this issue.” he spoke.

Expressing his views on the criticism of the German government’s vaccination strategy, Şahin said:

“I believe in focusing on achieving our goals. It’s not the time and place to criticize people. Everyone is trying their best. We have faced a situation that we have not faced before. There is no expected solution in the box. We have to deal with it. In such a difficult situation everyone’s help is important People can help by being careful and protecting themselves. We will distribute more vaccines in the coming days. It is important that we find a way to deliver these vaccines as quickly as possible. ”

We meet with TÜBİTAK

Uğur Şahin emphasized that the negotiations with TÜBİTAK to conduct joint studies on cancer research are continuing, “Our scientists from us and TÜBİTAK are meeting. It will take time to get a final result right now due to the epidemic, but we will definitely continue our work on this issue.” said.

Sahin also spoke about 4.5 million doses of vaccine will be sent to Turkey, “In this regard, legislation, technical and completed them last week had to do quality control work. If all goes well, we can start vaccination in Turkey at the end of this month. 2021’s second half We are working on sending more vaccines. ” used the expression.


Uğur Şahin stated that it is important for them not to talk too much about the debates on immigration and integration in Germany, and that people should only look at what they contribute regardless of their origin.

“Many Germans, many Turks, people from Europe, Asia and even America work with us. Their origins or where they come from do not play any role,” Şahin pointed out that people from 60 countries work in their companies. he spoke.

Emphasizing that this issue should not be questioned, Şahin said, “I know that our immigrant origin is seen as an example by many people. It is natural for us to be an example for scientists.” said.

Noting that science is one of the most exciting things that can be done, Şahin stated that anyone who wants to engage in science should be curious and love science, and that being able to help people is an extraordinary thing.

To the question of what kind of legacy they want to leave to future generations, Şahin said, “I cannot give him an answer right now. If you love a job that matters, do it beautifully. Try to be a useful person. If you do something, let other people help you. Sometimes everything is ourselves. “We are trying to do it, but we can be very successful if we work together.”

Stating that their goal is to increase vaccine production to 2.4 billion doses by the end of the year, Şahin said, “Our intention is to produce enough vaccines to raise vaccines to the whole world. In this way, we want to return to normal life. We cannot defeat this epidemic by protecting Europe. The whole world should be protected. This is politics. will learn and act accordingly. ” he spoke.

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