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Rapid tests are spreading in Covid-19 in Germany

German Health Minister Jens Spahn announced that the fast-producing corona virus tests will be spread throughout Germany as of March 1. Making a statement to the German Redaction Network (RND), Minister Spahn stated that there are enough of these test kits in the markets now and said, “In this way, the entire population can be tested with fast antigen tests by trained personnel free of charge.”

Spahn stated that local governments will establish test centers and pharmacies may be included in this practice and that the expenses will be covered by the federal government budget.

In the meantime, it is stated that within the framework of the plans expressed by Spahn, the way for self-administered tests will be opened, and the necessary legal permissions are expected to be issued for this. Jens Spahn stated that the negotiations are continuing after people from the public can have the tests with a “small contribution” of 1 euro and said “These tests can contribute to a safe daily life. Especially in schools and kindergartens.” Spahn added that these tests “will be examined as soon as possible and necessary permissions will be given”.


The federal government had previously gradually expanded the use of rapid tests. In this context, these tests are currently performed in nursing homes, hospitals and educational institutions where infection is seen. However, the application of these tests is currently performed only by trained personnel.

In corona virus tests performed with the rapid test kit, the samples do not need to be sent to the laboratory. On the other hand, it is stated that these rapid antigen tests do not give clear results like the PCR tests normally applied. In this respect, a possible positive result in rapid tests must also be confirmed by the PCR test, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

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