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Recep Çelik, who was thought to be ‘dead’ due to document confusion, lost his life

Covid-19 patient Recep Yılmaz, who was treated at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) Health, Practice and Research Hospital, was transferred to Mehmet Akif Ersoy Çanakkale State Hospital because there was no room in the Intensive Care Unit.

During the referral, Recep Yılmaz’s documents were mixed with the documents of Recep Çelik, a cancer patient who was treated in the same hospital. Recep Yılmaz died in the intensive care unit where corona virus patients were treated shortly after his transfer.

After the death of Recep Yılmaz, the Çelik family was called due to the confusion of documents and it was reported that Recep Çelik had lost his life. The Çelik family, who came to the hospital on Tuesday, took the body and buried it in the family cemetery in the Yeni Şehir Cemetery. When the university hospital officials called Recep Çelik’s son Hilmi Çelik on the phone and told him that his father was alive, the mistake made came to light.

The funeral of Recep Yılmaz was taken out by the prosecutor’s decision and delivered to his relatives.

Recep Çelik, who is being treated at the COMU Health, Practice and Research Hospital, lost his struggle to survive yesterday. The funeral of Recep Çelik, which was received by his family, was buried in the family cemetery where Recep Yılmaz was previously buried after the prayer.

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