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Recorded for the first time: a cat dies due to Covid-19

It was announced for the first time that a cat died due to the corona virus, in which more than 3 million people died.

In the incident, which was underlined that it was the first loss of life, British scientists announced that a four-month-old Ragdoll domestic cat died due to Covid-19.

It was reported that after the death of a cat who was taken to the veterinarian with the complaint of respiratory distress, damage was detected in the samples taken from the lungs and evidence of Covid-19 infection.


It was stated that the cat, which was reported to have pneumonia by catching the virus from its owner, was the first case to die due to Covid-19 and was the first to be detected, and it was stated that the biggest Covid-19 symptom in cats was runny nose.


Professor Margaret Hosie, from the University of Glasgow Virus Research Center, who conducted the research, underlined the single digit numbers of Covid casualties in the UK and the decrease in the number of cases every day, “While the number of cases and casualties in humans is decreasing, the possibility of the virus to pass to animals underlines a potential danger.” used the expressions.

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