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Research: 70 percent of the world could be vaccinated in 2021 – health news

According to research conducted in the USA, it has been announced that vaccine production that will be enough to vaccinate 70 percent of the world in 2021 will be realized.

According to the report published by Duke University Global Health Innovation Center, USA, it is stated that the large amount of vaccines to be produced in 2021 are reserved for rich countries, while this amount of vaccine may not be produced due to shortage of raw materials and unforeseen delays.


In the study conducted by analyzing the publicly available data of vaccine manufacturers in the world, it was stated that the emergence of new variants may adversely affect the global vaccine production, and it was underlined that new doses may be needed.

It was stated that before the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccine companies produced about 5 billion doses per year to vaccinate against viruses such as seasonal flu, measles and mumps, and the increase in the number of vaccine producing companies together with the extraordinary demand for Covid-19 vaccines had effects on vaccine production speeds.

Emphasis on ‘fair distribution’

Duke University, on the other hand, stated in its analysis that vaccine producers will produce 12 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine this year if no major problems occur this year, while investments in vaccine production capacity will increase vaccine supply in the coming months.

In the report, which stated that if 12 billion doses of vaccines were produced and the vaccine was distributed fairly between rich and poor countries, the pandemic could end earlier than expected, and it was warned that it would be possible for poor countries to reach vaccines in 2024.

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