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Research: Diet can increase risk of sudden death by 46 percent

According to the news of the Daily Mail newspaper, in the study carried out by researchers from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, the eating habits of 21 thousand US citizens over the age of 45 were examined.

The participants, whose eating habits were tracked throughout the ten-year study, also underwent heart health screenings every six months.

As a result of the research published in the scientific journal of the American Heart Association, it was revealed that the “Southern style” eating habits, which include fatty, fried and sugary foods, increased the risk of sudden death from heart disease by 46 percent.

Scientists also drew attention to the fact that more than 400 people with this eating habit lost their lives due to heart-related reasons during the research process.

Researchers stated that individuals with a plant-based “Mediterranean-style” diet are 24 percent less likely to die from a sudden health problem such as a heart attack.

“The results of the study show that eating habits are a controllable risk factor for sudden death from heart disease,” said Dr. James Shikany, who led the team that led the research.

Shikany underlined that a diet that will include more plant foods, fruits and whole grain products than fried and processed foods will reduce the risk of sudden death due to heart disease.

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