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Research: Ozone gas can destroy Covid-19 – Health News

It has been announced that Ozone gas, which is applied frequently to treat a disease or wound, has been successful in protecting people against Covid-19 and destroying the virus.

Independent Turkey According to a report on which it bases the Jerusalem Post newspaper, Covidien-19 and this virus surfaces based on previous studies about the hours session tends Israel conducted at Tel Aviv University research, the exposure to low concentrations of ozone which is an antibacterial and antiviral content widely used demonstrated that it can effectively sterilize a surface after it has remained.


The researchers stated that ozone, known for its presence in the atmosphere and blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, is also a powerful oxidant and disinfectant used in water and wastewater treatment. The team conducting the study announced that they copied the process using these mechanisms and managed to destroy the corona virus.

Dr. Ines Zucker said, “Gaseous ozone is produced from oxygen gas by electrical discharge. Now, for the first time, we have succeeded in proving that it is very effective in combating corona virus.

“The advantage of this over common disinfectants (such as alcohol and bleach) is its ability to disinfect not only exposed surfaces but also objects and aerosols in a room, quickly and without endangering public health,” Zucker added.

The findings of the study were published in the academic journal Environmental Chemistry Letters.

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