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Research: teenagers and children spread less Covid-19 than adults – health news

While many of our social activities were affected by the Corona virus, children had to stay away from their education lives. While the education life of children is affected by the distance education of schools for a long time, many countries in the world are planning to open schools gradually in the near future.

The study conducted in Israel published a study on the rate at which school-age teenagers and children spread Covid-19.


According to research conducted at Haifa University, it was found that people under the age of 20 spread Covid-19 less than 1 in 3 than people over 20. It was stated that people over the age of 20 were less affected by the corona virus even if they were infected with Covid-19, while it was found that people under the age of 20 showed less symptoms even if they were Covid-19.


The lead author of the study from Haifa University on the research, which concluded that people under the age of 20 are not ‘super spreaders’. “When we started this research, we aimed to understand the role of children in relaying Covid-19 in connection with the question of reopening schools. The data detected also gave a positive result,” said Itai Dattner.

“These findings prove again that Covid19 is less common in children compared to adults,” said Dr Dattner, adding that the research can give negative PCR testing even if children are infected.

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