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Research: Vitamin D prevented 30,000 cancer deaths

While approximately 10 million people die every year in the world due to cancer, this number is expected to reach 17 million in the 2040s.

German scientists accelerated their research due to the increase in cancer cases day by day. In this context, in the study conducted in Germany, it was explained that vitamin D has an important effect in preventing cancer.


According to a study conducted on people over the age of 50, it was announced that vitamin D reduces cancer deaths by 13 percent. In Germany, where approximately 250 thousand people die of cancer every year, this figure corresponds to approximately 30 thousand people, cancer research specialist Tobias Niedermaier underlined that vitamins will also provide a great savings.


Stating that each cancer patient costs 40 thousand euros (330 thousand TL) annually for treatment and medicine, Niedermaier said that the annual cost of vitamin D is 25 (220 TL), and the prevention of cancer of 30 thousand people is about 250 million euros (2.2 billion TL). reported that it will save.

Considering that the cost of cancer patients increasing day by day will also increase, and the prices of drugs will also increase, German researchers stated that they can both protect people from cancer and save a great deal with vitamin D.

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