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‘Robot pharmacist’ at work

'Robot pharmacist' at work

In Antalya, the robot pharmacist system of a pharmacy surprises those who see it. The robot pharmacist, who takes the prescription drugs entered into the system and brings them from the shelves, attracts attention as he minimizes human contact during the corona virus outbreak.

Nuran Koca, a 30-year-old pharmacist in Antalya, wanted to implement this system in his own pharmacy when he saw the smart robot at the fair abroad.
Koca, who bought the robot from Germany for 120 thousand euros in 2017, placed it in his 500 square meter pharmacy opposite the Kepez State Hospital.
Covering an area of ​​15 square meters, the robot can store 15 thousand drugs on the shelves in its chamber. Drugs spilled into the robot’s reservoir are read by the robot arm one by one and placed in their special places.
After the prescription number is defined in the system, the medicines prescribed by the physician are collected from their shelves by the robot, brought to one of 4 different exits and left. In this way, both time is saved and contact with drugs is minimized.
Explaining that less contact with the drug is an advantage for both the patient and the pharmacy employee within the scope of corona virus measures, Nuran Koca said that he was very pleased with the investment he made and the reaction of those who came to his pharmacy made him happy.
Artun Kerim Erdem, Koca’s son, who is a pharmacist, is also taking care of the robot system in the pharmacy. Providing communication with foreign connections and drug stores, Erdem said that they saw the benefit of the robot system.
Stating that the drugs are transported from the warehouses untouched by human hands, Erdem said, “The robot stores the drugs by adjusting their temperature according to the storage conditions. This system saves time. We take care of our patients until they ask for the prescribed medications and bring them to the robot. Medicines are given to our patients without touching them. Patients are surprised when they see this situation. Man can make mistakes, but robots do not, “he said.
Sema Şener, who came to the pharmacy and was surprised when she saw the robot, said, “This is the first time I have seen such a thing. I got more detailed information from my pharmacist about drugs. It is very nice not to touch the drugs, “he said.

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