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Sabancı Group will support the families of healthcare professionals

With the “YarınBizim” project implemented by the Sabancı Group, children and siblings of healthcare professionals preparing for the university entrance exam will be given mentoring and career development support.

According to the statement made by the Sabancı Group, the Sabancı Group, which mobilized its technology and innovation power during the epidemic process and stood by its country with grants and donation programs of 32.3 million TL in total, now takes action for the families of healthcare professionals who are the true heroes of this difficult period. passed.

With the “YarınBizim” project implemented by the Sabancı Group, children and siblings of healthcare professionals preparing for the university entrance exam will be given mentoring and career development support.

Same time On April 7, World Health Day The children or siblings of healthcare professionals studying in 11th and 12th grades or preparing for university exams again this year will be able to benefit from the officially initiated project.

Applications for the project can be made at until April 14.


“TomorrowOur” project; It consists of two pillars that will proceed simultaneously as “mentoring program” and “career development programs”.

Within the scope of the first leg of the project Students will be matched with the most suitable mentors, consisting of Sabancı Group employees. Mentors who are business people and opinion leaders from different sectors will contribute to the success journey of young people and share their experiences with students online.

In the second leg of the project With online training and webinars, young people will be provided with the knowledge and competencies that will support their future careers and to progress in this stressful process in the healthiest way.

In this process, in addition to the training videos of Sabancı Group companies, career support programs will be implemented by Sabancı University Career Development and Internship Office, and departments and professions will be promoted by Sabancı University faculty and graduates.


place the Sabanci their views Description Holding CEO (CEO) Cenk Alper, Sabancı Group has more than 90 years said that Turkey which led to social development, pioneering and exemplary projects implemented, he said:

“In line with our commitment to fulfill all our responsibilities for a better world and future, we aim to benefit people and society in everything we do. We entered our 6th year in the Sabancı Volunteers Program we launched in 2015. We have always believed in the importance of solidarity and unity in order to determine common priorities, encourage innovation and participation, and produce sustainable solutions to the problems we face.

The epidemic we lived through reminded us of the values ​​we forgot, and made us thankful for every moment we breathe, and grateful for those who kept life going. During this period, we experienced and experienced how important it is to volunteer for good. We, as the Sabancı Group, take action for the future of the children of our healthcare professionals, who have been at the forefront of the struggle at the forefront of the struggle at the expense of putting their own lives in danger since the first day of the epidemic, and we say ‘Tomorrow is ours’. “


Noting that they aim to establish a mentoring stakeholder inspired by the power of volunteering within the scope of the project, Cenk Alper said that the program developed by healthcare professionals for their children and siblings who have studied or graduated from 11th and 12th grades but have not yet entered the university, as well as Sabancı Group employees, prominent representatives of the business world and the public. He stated that the opinion leaders he followed closely also gave support.

Stating that these voluntary collaborations will strengthen the impact, Alper made the following evaluations:

“On the one hand, the burden of their parents during the pandemic period, on the other hand, the difficulties of online education, on the other hand, created a great pressure on the young people trying to prepare for the university exam. We do not forget that the parents of the young people who participated in our project in particular spent all their time and efforts for public health in this period, and now we say ‘our turn’.

Providing support while preparing their children for university, their careers and the future is a duty of our heart beyond social responsibility. We believe that the guidance we will provide will enable our young people to gain a more holistic perspective on the future and to feel better and safer. We aim to reach 1,000 young people within 2 years with our TomorrowBiz project. I believe that this number will increase exponentially in the coming periods. “


According to the information provided, healthcare professionals and their siblings with children from 11th and 12th grades or who are preparing for university by completing their high school education will be able to participate in the project.

To participate in the project, it will be sufficient for young people to become a member of the platform from until April 14 and fill out the participation form.

Supported by different training modules, each young person participating in the project will also be matched with the most suitable mentor within the scope of the programs. After matching, he will get the opportunity to get inspiration from his knowledge and experiences by meeting with his mentor, who will be his “travel companion”, online. Thus, he will both increase his self-confidence and gain the chance to plan his future with much more confident steps.


The Sabancı Group, which has mobilized all its technology and innovation power to combat the pandemic and protect public health from the first day of the epidemic process, has implemented many exemplary projects in this context.

While the entire infrastructure of the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence (KTMM), which operates in cooperation with Kordsa and Sabancı University, is opened to the use of the Ministry of Health for the design, analysis and prototypes of medical devices and parts used in the treatment of Kovid-19 and personal protective products of healthcare workers, 150 thousand diagnoses the kit was also delivered to the General Directorate of Public Health.

In addition to these kits, a grant program for the Ministry of Health for the development of the Covid-19 vaccine and serum was commissioned by the Sabancı Group in the early days of the epidemic.

In addition, 10 tons of a new generation disinfectant called Antimic, which was developed by Sabancı University and provides hygiene for up to 3 months on the surfaces used, was donated to the Ministry of Health, while the size of the grant and donation programs carried out as a Group reached 32.3 million TL.

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