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Scientific Committee Member Gündüz: Chinese vaccine is more advantageous against mutated virus – health news

Stating that the gradual opening of the schools is planned as of March 1, CU Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Chief Physician and Ministry of Health Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Hasan Murat Gündüz stated that this would be possible with the society’s more strict compliance with the measures and vaccination at a certain rate, “The mutated virus, which is known to be more contagious, should not increase in order for schools to open.”


Pointing out that if measures are not implemented, it will be possible for a virus with a higher contagion to reverse the picture within 2 weeks. Dr. Daytime, “We can be white when black and black when we are white. If our data is too bad when the schools are scheduled to open, then it will be necessary to rethink everything. Measures must be implemented to the end in every field so that we can comply with the announced schedule. In the meantime, if a certain segment of the society is vaccinated, it is possible to open up schools and other businesses in a proper way. or it is possible to rise above a certain level and the measures continue without loosening or even increasing.


Brought from China and implemented in Turkey pointed out that the mutation inactivated vaccine against the virus more advantageous Prof. Dr. Gündüz said:

“It is known that this vaccine is more advantageous against mutant viruses. Now other western countries have started to move towards this inactivated vaccine. Therefore, this is an advantage for us. Because we vaccinate our society with inactivated vaccine. This means that if the society becomes immune to these mutant viruses, too. “We have a prediction that our society will reach a better point towards the end of spring with both the full compliance with the measures and the vaccination. I hope that we can enter the summer in a healthier way. This is the only way we can prevent this virus epidemic.”

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