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Scientific Committee member İlhan explained the city-by-province gradual normalization – health news

After the cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that the provinces will be divided into 4 groups as ‘low’, ‘medium’, ‘high’, ‘very high risk’ according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Health, and that the gradual normalization process will be initiated as of the beginning of March.

Scientific Committee member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan explained that the provinces will be divided into 4 groups based on the criteria. Prof. Dr. Ilhan, “after Mr. announced by our President yesterday Turkey in the management of the epidemic ‘decentralization’ that she developed a different approach we know now. This is the process in question can be categorized in the province. In the to categorize the province will also be the number of cases appearing in most major criteria province. In addition The number of vaccinations, the intensive care capacity of that province or the intensive care occupancy rate may also be in question.


Prof. Dr. İlhan pointed out that it is necessary to know that these criteria will not be applied once, “Let’s say an evaluation was made at the beginning of March, according to those criteria, some provinces were seen as high-risk, some provinces were seen as risky, some provinces were normal, and some were low risk. However, we need to know that this criterion may also change. Let’s say that in a city with medium risk, the rules were not followed, social venues were opened, people came together more, the curfew was lifted, o re-evaluation made in the provinces can switch to high-risk situations. in particular province is aimed exposure to the restrictions in general in Turkey people due to differences in some. I think our two provinces. the number one case between these two cities is less than, if a number of cases per 100 thousand specific figures, vaccination rate is good if it can be opened here but that province And if the number of cases increases, if the number of intensive care patients increases, there may be closure again. The epidemic is a very dynamic process, it is necessary to develop new strategies according to these processes and to put it into practice quickly, to prevent the victimization that may occur in the society, so such an approach has been developed. ”


Prof. Dr. Stating that each province should look at its own figures, İlhan said, “When we look at it now, the rate of cases in the Black Sea seems higher. But this is an average figure, it may come down to the beginning of March. The publication of the figures is like people seeing themselves in the mirror. If the studies are done, all the provinces will move towards lower figures quickly.Our provinces, those who work there, have to think, ‘The numbers are high in my province, what can I solve until March’, this is a complete mirror. has changed, what has changed after 2 weeks, maybe our province currently has the highest number seeing problems in their provinces, citizens, tradesmen’s our take radical measures to go down the figures of our managers in the province. you will see a maybe 2 months after the province that has Turkey’s most abortions he said.


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