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Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Deniz Odabaş: the real decline is next week – health news

Ministry of Health, Community Outbreak Management Scientific Committee member, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health, Professor. Dr. Deniz Çalışkan Odabaş, the decline in the acceleration of the case increase, which was also noted by Minister Fahrettin Koca’s latest statement, and Covid-19evaluated the newly emerging Indian mutation of.

Stating that they look at the difference between the rates of cases in two different periods and call it acceleration, Odabaş emphasized that there is a decrease in the acceleration in the last week compared to the previous week.


Noting that the difference between this week and the previous week is now beginning to widen, Odabaş said, “In other words, the number of cases started to decrease. But my personal opinion is that we will see the real fall next week. “It is reflected in 10-day periods due to the incubation period,” he said.

Stating that the decline in November of last year could not be achieved with the current measures, Odabaş gave the following answer to the question about the possibility of the “full closure” measure:

“The President also said; “Two weeks of partial closure, after that, if there is not enough reduction, full closure or tougher measures,” he said. Currently, I read that flexible working allowances have come back on the agenda as an indication of intention that there will be some restrictions for these sectors. Frankly, I think the government prioritized the supply of vaccines at the point of complete closure. When you are off, you need to get your vaccinations quickly so that when you open up, you have increased immunity, it will do a job. They are also trying to carry out the vaccine procurement process simultaneously. Therefore, it is likely that partial closure was applied. Unless there is a strong drop in the number of cases as in November, it is an inevitable duty of the government to take stronger measures. “


Prof. Dr. Hardworking Sea Odabaş every day, 350 people lost their lives, are pointing in Turkey, he said:

“3500 people in 10 days. Our cases have shifted to the 50-59 thousand band. Both the government and individuals have to take measures to combat the epidemic by strengthening. Otherwise, the virus will beat us. This is a war. It is constantly mutating, developing weapons against us. If we always go the same way, we cannot reciprocate his strength.

At the point of complete closure, at the point where our government made this decision, as a citizen, we also have to comply with the full closure measures in our home. What will happen if we do not comply? Within 14 days, individuals in the home will be infected at different times, and when there is an opening, there will be individuals who still have the infection in the home. When they open, the disease will flare up again. “

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