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Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Yavuz: After all vaccines, the third dose will be required, only the duration is different – Health News

European Medicines Agency (EMA) must be stored at minus 70 degrees BioNTech After approval that the vaccines can be stored in normal vaccine cabinets of 2-8 degrees without deterioration, the Ministry of Health announced that BioNTech vaccinations will also be made in family health centers.

Emphasizing that large-scale vaccinations will begin with 30 million doses of vaccine expected to arrive in Turkey in the coming days, and therefore some concerns about vaccines are frequently raised, Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Department Academic Member and Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz, third dose reminder with the safety of the vaccine VaccineHe made important statements about when they will need to be done.


Stating that in the studies conducted around the world, one dose of mRNA and one dose of adenovirus vaccine were made consecutively, Prof. Dr. Yavuz said, “His result came out, actually, a dose of adenovirus vaccine, so AstraZeneca One dose of BioNTech (mRNA) was given to those who had the vaccine. It was seen that it produced a very good antibody response. So when you get the viral vector vaccine first and then the mRNA vaccine, the antibody response is very good. but CoronaVacTo see how it is in, CoronaVac again after CoronaVac, or after CoronaVAc mRNA To see how it works, we need to study. “We are trying to do that right now,” he said.


Emphasizing that additional doses will be needed in the treatment of the disease and vaccination, Prof. Dr. Yavuz said, “Even if we have the disease, we now know that it is a high risk that we cannot be 100 percent protected for a long time. Although it may be a little longer in those with severe disease, it is seen that we have an average of 6 months of protection. We have a good immunity for 6 months, but studies are still ongoing on what will happen next.

Therefore, patients with the disease may actually require a reminder dose. The BioNTech vaccine was tried in the world by applying a single dose after 3 months in people with the disease. It has been found to generate an extremely good immune response. Again (without getting sick), we see a 1-year protection for people who have had two doses for now, ”he said.


Stating that it has been known from the very beginning that antibody responses are slightly lower in the CoronaVac vaccine belonging to the Chinese company Sinovac, which is widely used in Turkey, compared to BioNTech. Dr. Yavuz stated that studies on the reminder dose should also be done for this vaccine, and gave the following information:

“In CoronaVac, our prediction is that we will need the third dose, the reminder dose, around 6 months (after two doses). In the groups participating in the Phase-3 study in which these vaccines were made (they completed 6 months), how much they got sick, in what month, how many people got sick were examined and this will be our data. But the answer to the question of what happens when you give a third dose of CoronaVac or a third dose of BioNTech for people who have been vaccinated with CoronaVac must be found. We are trying to work on this. Because if we have this data, we can see what is happening and make a clearer recommendation about when the third dose is needed. I guess we will have more data on this subject as in September. But doses of reminders will be required in both CoronaVac and BioNTech. Maybe one will be in the 6th month and the other in a year, but it will be necessary. “


Increasing recently pregnancyPointing out that severe covid cases are also remarkable, Prof. Dr. Yavuz said that both the inactive vaccine CoronaVac and the BioNTech vaccine, which is an mRNA vaccine, are also extremely safe in pregnant women.

He emphasized that pregnant women defined in the high-risk group should also be vaccinated. Prof. Dr. Yavuz said, “Pregnant women were also defined as a risk group in terms of covid disease. They spend heavier because. Therefore, vaccination is very important in these. If it is about the safety of vaccines, CoronaVac is already inactive Since it is a vaccine, we had a lot of experience in pregnant women and we have already been telling that it can be done safely. Likewise, studies were carried out on the BioNTech vaccine both in the United States and in the UK. In pregnant women, it was observed that this vaccine had no adverse effects on either the mother or the baby. It has even been shown to create a good antibody response in the newborn baby and protect it from the disease during the breastfeeding period. Therefore, we recommend that pregnant women should also be vaccinated if their physicians deem appropriate.


Explaining that many question marks in people’s minds again came to the fore as mRNA vaccines will be made to many populations over the next three months. Dr. Yavuz put an end to the most mentioned “vaccine causes infertility” claims:

“What will be the results, will there be unwanted effects, it will cause allergies or infertility, for example. The data we have is about a year now. Phase 3 studies of these vaccines had begun last year. For one thing, there were absolutely no reproductive adverse effects. On the contrary, some unwanted reproductive consequences may occur in those caught with Covid. The disease can damage the reproductive organs. Hence infertility On the contrary, getting vaccinated is much more recommended. There is no live virus in this vaccine. (Such as organ transplant, cancer patients) Antibody response is also important in those whose immunity is suppressed, and the antibody development rate of this vaccine is very high. We especially recommend this group to be vaccinated because for example, cancer patients come and say ‘I did not want to be vaccinated because I have cancer’. There is really no shortage of vaccines in terms of security. We have one year of data, one year data is very important for a vaccine. Vaccine-related adverse effects already occur in the first 6 months. “


Pointing out that flu cases are very rare this year, Prof. Dr. Yavuz said that nothing can be said about whether there will be protection against flu in the future with widespread vaccination, but there is such a hypothesis. Yavuz ended his words as follows:

Grip This year was not seen much. Although it was not fully surveillance as before, it was found very little in the world. Just like in the Southern hemisphere, this was expected, and the flu season in the Northern hemisphere was very, very dull. When you make a vaccine, we have non-specific immune system cells, and you train them a little bit. This is just a hypothesis, but it was demonstrated, for example, in the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine. Indeed, (other) upper respiratory tract infections are much less common in those who are given the BCG vaccine. In other words, this trained immunity, the fact that our nonspecific cells are trained, can also protect from other diseases. There is some evidence for this. But it needs to be supported by other studies. ”

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