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Scientific Committee Member: Third wave is inevitable if rules are not followed – Health News

Within the scope of combating pandemics, while mask, distance and hygiene rules are applied, rapid vaccination continues. Çukurova University (CU) Faculty of Medicine, Balcalı Hospital, Head of Infectious Diseases Department and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health. Dr. Yeşim Taşova stated that the immunization of 70 percent of the society has not been realized yet.

In this case, Prof. Dr. Taşova warned of the third wave.


The mutated virus spread faster in recent years, especially in emerging feature reminiscent enter to Turkey Prof. Dr. Yeşim Taşova said, “These have the characteristic of spreading very quickly. We also see the occasional increase. This makes our hearts hop, too. We have all seen that the virus will spread in very crowded environments, especially in restaurants, in very congested environments without taking the necessary measures. Really 3 ‘ The third wave scares us, of course, the third wave may of course be because 70 percent or more of the population has not been immunized. This means that there are many more people who will get sick during the period without immunization. “It will make it become a more controllable disease. For this reason, if this immunization does not accelerate, or if some rules are not followed due to the complacency of immunity and people getting bored from isolation, the 3rd wave may inevitably happen soon.”


Underlining that provincial pandemic boards should take a more active role in villages and towns, Prof. Dr. Yeşim Taşova evaluated the situation regarding schools as follows:

“It is necessary to put schools in a separate place from restaurants and other things. With the new decision taken, village schools were very appropriate. This was an important lesson for us from the epidemic. So we saw that the spread and implementation of a decision throughout the country does not always comply. According to this, these are determined by region by region. If a place is opened, the necessary measures should be taken strictly and decisions should be made accordingly. There will be people, how many of them will sit in a classroom, how they will be cleaned, what kind of training will be given. ”

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