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Scientific Committee member Ünal: vaccines with 2 mRNAs against mutation are likely to be activated – health news

Scientific Committee member, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department. Dr. Serhat Ünal reminded in his statement that the mutation of the corona virus in England has become more contagious.

Ünal stated that in the last week, there was a pause and a slight increase in the number of cases in the number of cases and said, “The reason for this is whether we have a complacency saying ‘the weather has improved, vaccination has also started’ or did we relax a little or we did not relax the measures; but this is the new strain. Despite the measures passed the increase for better spread. Last 1-2 weeks trying to figure it out. corona virus diagnosed by PCR testing in Turkey is put; then developed PCR tests to recognize the newly mutated virus. were distributed to the hospital now, it has been detected in this way in the provinces shown by tests ” said.


Pointing out that they cannot prevent the mutated virus from entering the country, Ünal said, “Then let’s pay more attention to our measures. If one mask is not enough, let’s wear two masks. If we have to be in closed and crowded places, let’s wear the mask in pairs. Let’s increase the distance between us not 1.5, but 2 meters. We are going through a period in which we need to comply more strictly with the measures, and our vaccination program continues. “We will enter a period of rescheduling everything. This will be a bit disappointing upon that tiredness.”


Unal, Turkey also noting that there is no negative impact on the effectiveness of the vaccine is an important new mutated virus starts to increase, he said:

“The vaccine continues to protect in the same way. When we say ‘the effectiveness of the vaccine’, the South African mutation comes to the fore. There have been a few studies as if there was a decrease in the protection of the existing vaccines. This is not at the step that requires changing vaccines. Science is not defeated. This is a long-term war. The virus is in our country. The virus responded to our protection measures and to our antibody formation by passing the disease, increasing its infectiousness. The sooner we vaccinate during this time, the more we pay attention to the rules, we have the chance to stop the virus before new mutations develop. Against the new mutated virus, probably not 1 but 2 strains (different subspecies of a virus) vaccines in June, not 1 mRNA but 2 mRNAs. There is a possibility that vaccines will come into play. must be respected. We need to be careful about the mask, a distance of 2 meters, hand hygiene, ventilation of closed places and avoiding closed places as much as possible. “

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