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Selma Blair: Positivity is important in MS disease

Selma Blair: Positivity is important in MS disease

US actress Selma Blair talked about her struggle with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Finally, Selma Blair, who played the character of Glenn McAllister in the movie Far More, made a statement about the importance of staying positive during her battle with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
The 48-year-old actress said, “I’m on good terms with my body, because now I’m connecting with her in a deeper positive Selma. This body is Blair and this life has fascinated me.”
Stating that his positive attitude about his illness helped the treatment, Blair said, “I am aware that my struggle affects other hopeful or isolated people, and a few of them may be as cheerful as me.”
Selma Blair announced that she entered the recovery process after receiving treatments such as stem cell transplant and chemotherapy, and even started riding horses again earlier this year.
What is MS (Multiple Sclerosis)? MS, ie multiple sclerosis; a central nervous system disease characterized mostly by weakness in the arms and legs, speech and vision impairments. MS, one of the most important symptoms of which is fatigue and progressing in attacks, usually catches up with people between the ages of 20 and 40, that is, in the youth years. It is possible to start the disease at earlier and later ages, but it is very rare for MS onset to occur in those younger than 15 years and older than 60 years. Information Screen: What is Multiple Sclerosis?/ News Detail-Click Read

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