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Shall we close over the weekend? | NTV

Let’s close because the numbers force us to do this. Let’s close again on the weekends because if we do not do this now, it may be indispensable that we will encounter worse, severe, overwhelming, painful restrictions afterwards. It could be because …


Not much, 3 weeks ago “right decision periodIn the last application defined as “,” in this corner “DID WE DO IT RIGHT?Under the heading “,”When I look at it with 40 years of medical experience, it is hard to say that I joined this new practice and that I can say ‘Yes, it was done correctly’. The increase in the number of daily cases is scary for anyone familiar with pandemic mathematics. Moreover, the number of experts who think like me is quite high. In short, this new application does not give confidenceAn article was published that can be summarized as “. Let me admit that I had no intention of discouraging anyone, losing their mood, or demoralizing them in that article, but the situation was obvious. At the point we have reached, the number of cases is pushing 30 thousand again. For anyone who does not understand “going in the pandemic“It doesn’t look good at all. That’s why “weekend closing optionWe need to rethink.


“Didn’t I say?” I do not like those who say. I do not like those who carry water to a rotary mill or throw wood into the fire in the furnace. For this reason, I have always adopted an approach taught by the late Süleyman Demirel since the beginning of the epidemic: “You will be jealous in criticism and generous in praise in troubled times. If you have a suggestion, you will do it in a timely and courteous manner. ” For this reason, I expect my entry to be accepted as a determination, not a criticism. COMING TO THE ADVICE …


My advice is this: There is a “troubled or troubled” and “extremely dangerous” frightening process. Right now we are faced with a “fire situation” or a kind of “tsunami threat” in parable. I am of the opinion that the situation should be intervened urgently and a FULL CLOSURE situation should be declared throughout the country, starting from 21.00 on Friday evening and ending at 05.00 on Monday morning. If such a closure is not considered throughout the country, it should be implemented in red provinces at least.

Rides in danger for the elderly

Before Let’s correct a wrong perception. That perception is this: We’ve all started to think that the virus has lost its strength compared to the past, and that it is no longer a danger, especially for the elderly. However, the virus is much more contagious and much more dangerous for all ages, especially in this new and mutated form. Therefore In the daily or weekly data of the Ministry of Health, it is necessary to explain the number of seriously ill patients and the number of casualties in which age groups. An important new piece of information is: Older people are also at higher risk of reinfection after recovery from COVID-19 than younger people. The research involving this information was conducted by Danish scientists and was recently published in the famous medical journal The Lancet. Look what that research tells us:Even if they have had the disease before, it is obligatory for the elderly to be vaccinated, as well as to continue measures such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.


We all know that sleep is one of the 4 important determinants of health (the others are nutrition, physical activity and peace of mind). However, most of us experience sleep problems, especially during these epidemic days. However, a quality and adequate sleep is one of the most important determinants of immune strength. And that’s why sleep is more important than ever during pandemic days. Let’s know that If we want to reduce the risk of COVID-19 We need better quality sleep. In the implementation process to produce more antibodies with vaccines regular sleep is an indispensable need. For this reason, if you have a sleep problem, please solve it immediately and immediately.

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