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Solution for those who can’t hold their throat: Magnetic chin lock

Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand have developed an interesting device. Developed with scientists in England, the device prevents solid food consumption.

The device, which forces the person to have a fluid-focused diet, is a magnetic structure consisting of two parts. Magnetic parts mounted on the molars prevent the jaw from opening. A straw can fit in the mouth through the opening of only two millimeters.

According to the article published in the British Dental Journal, 7 New Zealand women were included in the studies. These people were able to open their mouths only 2 millimeters. During this time, the women followed an easily accessible liquid diet. The average weight loss was 6.36. It was stated that this weight corresponds to 5.1 percent of the body weight of women.


The participants in the studies stated that they experienced discomfort during the use of the magnetic lock and that they had problems with their speech. He said that in some cases they were embarrassed. Participants experienced that life in general was more satisfying.

One participant admitted to disrupting the diet with melted chocolate and sodas. There were also those who reacted to the magnetic chin lock, which was introduced as the first oral device to combat obesity.

A statement from the University of Otago stated that the chin lock was developed for people who are overweight for gastric surgery.

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