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Statement from WHO about two Chinese vaccines: Safe and effective – Health News

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Chinese vaccine manufacturers Sinovac and Sinopharm provided them with the necessary data on Covid-19 vaccines.

According to AFP’s report, it has been reported that the vaccines have efficacy levels in accordance with the rules required by the World Health Organization, while clinical research data show vaccines ‘safe and effective’.

Stating that they need more data on vaccines, Alejandro Cravioto, the director of the Strategic Experts Group (SAGE), who made a statement on the subject, said that the interim data from vaccines developed by Chinese companies were effective as a result of the first evaluations, which is to spread corona virus vaccines in every region of the world. He said it was promising.


In Reuters’ report, WHO’s Strategic Experts Group (SAGE) director Alejandro Cravioto said that a recommendation decision could be taken on these vaccines until the end of April.

“The information that the companies shared publicly at last week’s meeting clearly shows that they have levels of efficacy in line with WHO’s requirements for this vaccine,” Cravioto said.


Reminding that WHO demands a minimum 50 percent, preferably 70 percent, efficacy rate for vaccines, the director of SAGE said, “The data of vaccines show that they have more than 70 percent efficacy, which shows that they have all the safety data showing that these vaccines will not harm people when used.

The vaccines, he added, would require SAGE specialists to obtain emergency use authorization from WHO or an agency that the agency considers to be a strict regulatory authority before they can advise on their use.

WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said earlier this month that Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines could enter the WHO list of emergency use “very soon”.

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