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‘Super infectious’ warning to those who are vaccinated – health news

Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology at KTU, Prof. Dr. Faruk Aydin pointed out that people who are vaccinated have the risk of spreading the virus as ‘super infectious’.

Prof. Dr. Aydın said, “Not all people infected with coronavirus become sick. Some remain carriers and become ‘super infectious’. Although he carries the microorganism, he becomes asymptomatic and remains ‘super infectious’. These people were in society. Let it not continue to distribute the virus. Now, at the point where we are, our citizens who are vaccinated can carry the microorganism in their throats and transmit the microorganism to others even though they are not sick, just like super infectious. said.

Prof.  Dr.  Faruk Aydin
Prof. Dr. Faruk Aydin


Noting that the most dominant British variant virus in the country is Professor. Dr. Aydın said, “But we know that there are a small number of variants of South Africa and South America apart from that. We know that these viruses increase the contagiousness and that the South African and Brazilian variants are less affected by the vaccine. Even if you are vaccinated, it means that you have no defense against the virus that will settle in your throat. “The risk is high and it should not be forgotten that the virus can be transmitted if vaccinated and unvaccinated people come together.”

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