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Support for the children of healthcare professionals from Sabancı Holding

Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper, who said that they made a social contribution with the grant and donation program with a total size of over 32 million TL during the pandemic process, “Our Tomorrow” projectWith this, the heroes of the epidemic period announced that health workers took action for their families. With the “YarinBizim” project launched in April, mentoring and career development support is provided to the children and siblings of healthcare professionals who are preparing for the university entrance exam.

Children or siblings of healthcare professionals who are studying in 11th and 12th grades or are preparing for university exams again this year can benefit from the project.

Sabancı Holding shared its activities within the scope of the “TomorrowBizim” project with members of the press at a meeting hosted by CEO Cenk Alper.


Within the scope of the first leg of the project, students are matched with the most suitable “mentors” consisting of Sabancı Group employees, while in the second leg, young people are provided with the knowledge and competencies that will support their future careers through online training and webinars.

from Diyarbakır to Aydın; The project, which received 1,180 applications from 74 cities from Trabzon to Gaziantep in a short time, included a wide range of health workers, including doctors, hospital administrative workers, hospital cleaning workers.


Underlining that they are a company that has jumped two levels in MSCI’s sustainability index in 9 months, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper said, “With the final grade increase, we have already reached our 2025 target in the sustainability index. With the strength we get from here, we started a serious project this year and called ‘Our Tomorrow’. ‘We said,’ he said.

Stating that this is a two-year program and that it can continue, Cenk Alper said, “In our project, the participants are not limited to the children of doctors or nurses. A nurse or the child of a cleaning staff working in the hospital can also participate. This is the biggest highlight of how inclusive our perspective is. one of the indicators,” he said.

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