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Tea talks in Rize, picnic in Bodrum: New bans on provinces with increasing number of cases

Tea talks in Rize, picnic in Bodrum: New bans on provinces with increasing number of cases

With the announcement of the weekly number of cases by the Ministry of Health by the provinces, new measures have begun to be taken in the provinces where the number of cases is high. In some provinces, home visits, weddings, henna etc. restrictions were imposed on activities. In Bodrum, picnics are prohibited in areas such as beach bands and parks.

After the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca announced that the ‘on-the-spot decision’ period has passed in the fight against corona virus, the number of cases by province began to be announced weekly via ‘’. As of March 1, the measures will be reconsidered according to the number of cases in the provinces. However, in the provinces where the number of cases is very high, a number of new bans have already begun.
In Trabzon, which ranks first among the provinces with the highest number of cases between February 8-14, additions were made to the local restriction measures taken. HEPP code inspections were intensified with the increased teams on the avenues and streets, and exits to villages and neighborhoods were prohibited. New measures were added to the measures taken in the city, including limiting the funeral prayers to a maximum of 30 people, collective gatherings at home and bringing control to family gatherings. With the increased police teams on the avenues and streets, Hayat Eve Sığar (HEPP) code inspections were intensified. Under restrictions, district crossings, exits to villages and neighborhoods will not be allowed, police checkpoints will be established at their entrances and exits. Strict controls will be made when the groups gathered together on the days of the Trabzonspor match, watching the match on TV.
In the Bodrum district of Muğla, within the scope of corona virus measures, picnics on beaches, parks, promenade and archaeological sites and picnic areas are prohibited.
The reason for the decision was that citizens may violate the physical distance rule due to activities such as picnics, sports and walking in beach bands, promenade and picnic areas, and this situation may pose a risk to the public health by impairing both their own health and the feeling of staying at home, which is the most basic measure in combating the virus. specified.
In Rize, one of the provinces with the highest rate of cases with 200.08 per 100 thousand on the weekly case number map according to provinces, Rize Governorship Provincial Sanitation Board started to implement new measures.
According to these decisions: Funeral prayers will be limited to a maximum of 30 people and collective condolences will not be made. Inspections will be tightened in places such as markets, public transportation and barbershops. Citizens coming to mosques will bring their prayer rugs with them. In front of workplaces or buildings, behaviors such as two or more people sitting together or standing together, drinking tea and smoking, sitting on beach bands and parks without respecting the social distance will not be done.
On curfew days, only places such as markets and bakeries can be visited within walking distance for mandatory needs. There will be no going to village houses on weekends and visits and guests that do not comply with the social distance in the village. For this, inspections will be increased.
New decisions were taken by the Provincial General and Sanitary Board in Tokat, which was among the top 6 provinces with the highest number of cases on February 15-21. Governor Ozan Balcı said that weddings and weddings were postponed for 10 days, and gyms and animal markets were closed.
As in Tokat, it was decided to ban the activities of all sports halls in Sakarya for 15 days starting from March 1, including weddings, engagement ceremonies, weddings, and asking for girls. The break given to the activities of the movie theaters was extended until April 1.
In workplaces such as OIZ and small industrial sites, “Hayat Eve Sığar” code will be questioned. While it was decided to close the common areas used in residential areas such as apartments and sites, and the spaces that are used as common living spaces, it was decided to ban events and gatherings that cause people to come together for days, prayers, condolences, celebrations or similar people.
In Giresun, local restriction measures were put into effect by the Provincial General Hygiene Council. New measures were announced in a written statement from the Governorship of Giresun. According to this: It was stated that it was decided to control the activities of all village and neighborhood headmen throughout the province, such as weddings, engagements, henna, mawlite, condolences, which would cause a source of contamination in terms of the Covid-19 epidemic in their villages and neighborhoods. Social activities such as visits and days will not be allowed. It was decided to pay utmost attention to make funeral ceremonies in accordance with the determined rules, to suspend the funeral announcements made by the municipalities until a second decision, and to make awareness-raising announcements about the pandemic.

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