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The debate on ‘patent revocation’ on vaccine: If a patent is given, will the problem be over? – Health News

World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries gave the green light to start negotiations for the abolition of intellectual property rights in new types of Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccines. It was announced that Germany opposed the proposal regarding the abolition of patent rights, which the USA and Russia viewed positively.

In the news of Fulya Soybaş in Hürriyet newspaper, the opinions of experts on the subject were included.


Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu: “In order to interpret the issue more accurately, we need to look at the discovery story of the polio vaccine. Dr. Jonas Edward SALK developed the first vaccine in 1952. This was the dead virus vaccine, like Sinovac. Dr. “Have you patented?” To Salk. When they asked, when the patent was about 8 billion dollars at that time, “Does the sun have a patent?” he replied. In other words, this type of vaccine is the common property of humanity. There is no money, stamp, account or book in this business. If we cannot solve the vaccine inequality today, we cannot get rid of this job. The fact that the coronavirus ends in France, the USA, the UK, but continues in Ghana and Nigeria means that you cannot get rid of trouble. It is imperative that poor countries access this vaccine. BioNTech’s revenue to date is over 20 billion dollars. Moreover, these companies have already used public resources for research and development of the vaccine. “


Public health expert Prof. Dr. Nuriye Ortaylı: “Of course, vaccines will not increase in two days if the ‘patent’ is dissolved, but the important step is to take it. Experts estimate that production can start in 10-12 months in many countries with the necessary investment and transfer of “know-how”. With this production capacity, it is clear that it is not possible to vaccinate the rest of the world until 2023. Now Pfizer ‘3. dose is required, ‘he said. Will they turn around and sell all production to rich countries? Don’t let them sit on the patent. “


Infectious Diseases Association President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan: “The problem in vaccination speed is not a patent! Currently, there are no facilities in the world that produce under their capacity. All of them are working very hard. You think that only Germany, the USA and the UK produce vaccines. No. India is currently the country that produces the most pandemic vaccines in the world, and none of them is its own brand. If the company that finds the vaccine does not have enough capacity, it makes an agreement with another country and production starts there as well. People also think that ‘the formula is kept as a secret’, so no vaccine is produced from it. Let’s say more vaccines have been produced. There is no warehouse to store these vaccines, you do not have a cold chain! There is no technical infrastructure to safely store them in the country you are sending to. So the ‘patent’ is the least problematic thing here. “


US Jackson Laboratory Principal Investigator Prof. Derya Unutmaz thinks that there is a populist approach to patents: “Sinovac, produced by China, does not have a patent. Why isn’t it produced in another country? Russia said, “Come produce, I give the Sputnik-V vaccine.” They offered it to 50 countries. Nobody approached. Why is that? Producing a vaccine is not an easy task. Big investments need to be made. Even if you invest billions of dollars, you can produce vaccines at the earliest after 6 months. “

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