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The increase in the number of cases continues: 72 casualties, 9,561 new cases (24 February 2021 corona virus table)

Daily corona virus table…

While the decrease in loss of life continues, there is a remarkable increase in the number of cases.

15 Turkey 124 thousand in the last 24 hours Covidien-19 test was performed, 9 thousand 561 people tested positive, 72 people lost their lives. The seriously ill became 200 thousand, and the number of people recovering from the Covid-19 treatment / quarantine of 5 thousand 297 people increased to 2 million 540 thousand 293.

According to the data released yesterday; 123 thousand 734 tests were carried out in one day, 9 thousand 107 new cases were detected. 633 of them consisted of patients showing symptoms.

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