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"The interval between two doses can be extended for faster vaccination"

Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık said that in some countries, the time between two doses has been extended for faster vaccination due to difficulties in vaccine supply. Fish said, “If we will have a problem in the supply of vaccines, the delay may be taken into consideration. Biontech and Sputnik V vaccines start to create certain immunity after 10 days of the first dose. The Ministry of Health will make an assessment of this,” said Fish.

Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Ankara University. Dr. Ismail Fish, Russian third vaccine to be introduced into widespread use in Turkey Sputnik V He made an assessment about.

Pointing out that Sputnik V is the viral vector vaccine, the fish said, “Biontech vaccine was mRNA vaccine. Sinovac vaccine is also inactive vaccine. In other words, all 3 vaccines are prepared with different technology. But all three vaccines are extremely effective and reliable. Regardless of the vaccine, the citizen whose turn comes must have the vaccine without wasting any time. There is no need to worry about vaccine safety. Because currently more than 1 billion people in the world have been vaccinated. And no major problem has been seen so far, “he said.


Pointing out that the Biontech vaccine stimulates the immune system very strongly, the fish said, “When we look in terms of good stimulation, we see that Sputnik V is close to this. Inactivated vaccines are weaker. immunity system is stimulating. If you want immunity quickly, these two vaccines, Sputnik V and Biontech vaccines, begin to create certain levels of immunity 10 days after the first dose. Therefore, people with a high risk, that is, the possibility of getting a virus, may prefer these two vaccines instead of the inactivated vaccine, thinking that it may have an early disease prevention effect. In people with a weak immune system, the effect of vaccines and their immunity-building effect are weaker. In such people, we prefer vaccines that stimulate immunity strongly. From this point of view, Biontech seems to be the strongest immune stimulator among these 3 vaccines. Sputnik V has a similar effect, “he said.


Fish, noting that there are serious problems in vaccine supply in the world struggling with the corona virus epidemic, “Sputnik V and Biontech vaccine, which stimulates the immunity more strongly, starts 10 days after the first dose, and the protection effect starts from 40-50 percent, that is, severe Because of the death preventive effect, in some countries, the second dose was delayed in order to get more people to get vaccines as soon as possible due to the difficulties in vaccine supply. It was decided to do it days later.

We also started a discussion about this. The Ministry of Health will make an assessment of this. In our opinion, my personal opinion is that if we will have a problem in procurement for these two vaccines, the delay may be considered. But the delay is out of the question for inactive vaccines. Sinovac This is not the case with the vaccine. If it is done, the probability of getting a virus will be very high and it also increases the possibility of getting a mutant virus. But Biontech and Sputnik V vaccine is considered to be less likely to have such a possibility, “he said.


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