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The lie that ‘makes infertile’ in vaccination reduces the rate – Health News

In Turkey, which has stepped into the normalization period, Covid-19against Vaccinellama work continues uninterrupted.

No longer 18 years While every citizen above and above can be vaccinated in health centers without an appointment, as of July 1, the number of people who have been vaccinated twice in Turkey has not exceeded 15 million.

According to the news of Mert Inan from Milliyet newspaper, when the proportional distribution of vaccinated people across the country is examined, it is remarkable that the rate and speed of vaccination in many cities of the east and southeast are 30-40 percent lower than in western provinces.


Health professionals working in the region, on the other hand, attribute this situation to false and false rumors that ‘vaccines cause infertility’.

Diyarbakir Medical Chamber President Dr. Elif Turan said, “Even when we make proportions, the number and rate of vaccination is 30-40 percent lower than in western provinces. Especially our citizens in rural areas can be affected by some rumors and avoid being vaccinated. We prepared posters in Turkish and Kurdish to increase the rate of vaccination. Especially many women over the age of 60 do not speak Turkish. Considering the conditions of the region, mobile teams and promotion teams should be formed for the countryside.

Mardin Medical Chamber President Volkan Binbaş stated that there is no problem in accessing the vaccine throughout the city and the region, and said, “Our vaccination rates are not at the level we want, but when we go to the countryside, when we say ‘let’s vaccinate, the vaccine will protect you’, they say ‘ok do it’. However, when we do not go, they do not come to the city center, they cannot come,” he said.


Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Ankara University, stated that in the past, infertility lies were brought forward in child vaccination campaigns, and said:

“We see that this concern continues more intensely in the Eastern and Southeastern provinces. Opinion leaders in the East and Southeast should definitely support vaccination campaigns. Citizens should be told about the protection and importance of the vaccine in their mother tongue.

Infectious Diseases Specialist Associate Professor Duran Tok said, “Some of our citizens in the southeast have the wrong opinion that vaccines cause infertility. By exploiting the feelings of our people, distrust of the vaccine is created through political discourses. However, we observe that the biggest fear is infertility.

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