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The most critical two weeks: The number of serious patients is monitored

As a result of the restrictions, the number of cases is expected to decrease by 50 percent in two weeks and to fall below 20 thousand in 30 days.

According to the information in the report of Nuray Babacan from Hürriyet newspaper, the new decisions implemented to control the number of cases are found insufficient by some members of the scientific board and experts. The follow-up and supervision of the measures are also of great importance for getting results. According to the evaluations made, the results of the decisions will be monitored from multiple angles. In the first place, positive results are expected to be seen in the first 10 days. However, it is stated that the actual data will emerge after the second week. It will be monitored whether the decline is as expected or not.


According to estimates, the number of cases is expected to start to plateau by the end of this weekend. It is predicted that a downward trend will be seen as of next week. Usually it takes 6-8 weeks of the acute period, Turkey experienced the last week of the period suggests that the third wave entered. A rapid decline is expected after the plateau. At the end of the 30-day period, it is foreseen that the figures will fall below 20 thousand.


In the meetings, it is stated that the rapid decrease of the cases to 20 thousand means the management of the pandemic more easily. It is stated that if the case progress continues as desired at the end of two weeks, the existing measures will continue until the end of the holiday, and an additional evaluation will be made for the next period. It was stated that these evaluations were based on the number of particularly severe patients. In the event that the number of serious patients increases to 5,000 figures as in November-December, new measures will come to the agenda. If the decrease does not develop as expected, new regulations will be made to cover the month of June.


It was stated that most of the patients who recently applied to the intensive care unit are young and middle age group who have not yet been vaccinated, and those who have the disease are concentrated in the 40-50 age band. It was shared that those who got sick despite the vaccination were also those who had their first dose. It is stated that loosening the protection measures is effective in this. It is stated that those who get sick despite the vaccination show mild clinical symptoms, and the number of vaccinated cases requiring intensive care is very low.

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