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The new danger in Corona: I do not want to use drugs

Tuğba Öztürk /

For more than a year in Turkey continues to fight the virus in the corona, A new cause, which was stated to have a bad effect on the course of the epidemic, was proposed. It was stated that some patients who were quarantined at home after getting the virus did not use the drugs given by the radiation teams. Failure to use the prescribed medications greatly affects the course of the disease and the rate of hospitalization.

So, how does the use (not) of the drugs given by the radiation teams affect the course of the corona virus? Could it be that patients who say that they have survived the virus should not use the medications they are given? Experts, the questions of.


Kocaeli University Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Sıla Akhan, He stated that it is quite common to refuse drug use, especially in patients who are quarantined at home.

Akhan said that after the radiation teams delivered the drugs, patients kept these drugs at home without using them with certain claims.

Stating that this situation is quite wrong and dangerous in terms of the course of the disease, Akhan said, “The virus reproduces within 5-6 days. With the drugs delivered by the radiation teams, we are trying to reduce this virus reproduction considerably. The more successful we can be, the more we can reduce the immune storm. ”


Stating that the course of the Corona virus is two-stage, Akhan said, “ In the first phase, the virus has a tendency to multiply. This multiplication stops after a while. In the second phase, while the body fights the virus, an immune (immune) response occurs. Even if the virus is over, that war continues, the body continues to fight on its own, it wears itself out. With the favipiravir given to the patient, we are trying to prevent this situation. ”

Akhan said that in addition to favipiravir, corona virus patients were given a blood thinning pill. Stating that this drug should be used like any other drug, Akhan emphasized that the corona virus has a feature such as holding in the vessels and clotting.

After making a statement about the course of the disease and the effects of the drugs given, Akhan added the following to his words:

“The interpretation that this drug will harm me is completely wrong. Only pregnant women should not use it. Although it has any side effects, this is a reversible situation because it is a drug that is used for 5 days. Medications must be used to stop the immune storm, which is the most striking part of the disease. Because that drug is beneficial in this period. Then, when things get worse, it makes no sense to use this drug. ”

Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Tufan Tükek He said that patients question the medicines given since the beginning of the epidemic.

Tükek said, “We hear these questions quite a lot, especially in patients who are at home, and taking 8-16 drugs together makes people afraid. We see that some patients have a tendency to not use drugs. Some people said, ‘I’m fine, I have no complaints. Can I not take the medication, ‘he asks. But we say that it must be taken. ”

Tukek, who quoted his observations over a few cases, stated that patients who did not use drugs at the very beginning of the virus or who disrupted their medications, progressed more severely after a period of time.

Emphasizing that drugs are given to overcome the disease, Tükek said, “These drugs are our agents that we use to prevent the disease from worsening. The disease can progress well at first and the patient feels as if nothing is happening. However, the situation can flare up and worsen, especially within a week. We can see regret in patients who do not use the drugs, ” he said.

Stating that the epidemic was at its peak, Rifle also warned against the corona virus and gave the following information:

“There is also an increase in the number of patients who need to be hospitalized at the moment. Occupancy rates in hospitals are gradually increasing. As a result, some increases have occurred in intensive care units. The epidemic should be reversed as soon as possible and the number of cases should be reduced. ”

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