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The number of Covid-19 patients fell 40 percent in Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinic Administrative and Training Officer Prof. Dr. Hakan Oguzturk, corona virusHe said that the decrease in the number of cases with the ‘complete closure’ was reflected in the hospitals.

Prof. Dr. Stating that the number of Covid-19 patients who applied to the Ankara City Hospital emergency department decreased by 40 percent compared to two weeks ago, Oğuztürk said, “We can say with peace of mind that the number of our cases has also decreased in terms of emergency admission. 40 percent compared to two weeks ago due to Covid-19. incoming until There is a decrease in the number. We are happy as of now. Ankara City Hospital is Turkey’s largest hospital, as the epicenter of our country in the fight against Covid-19.

In terms of emergency medicine clinic, it is the home of the world’s largest emergency medicine clinic. The patients who come here are not only from Ankara but also from many parts of Turkey. Despite this, the decrease in our number of cases is the result of the closure measures having a serious positive effect. “The increase or decrease in the number of cases in Ankara City Hospital is directly related to the increase or decrease in the number of cases in the country.”


Prof. Dr. Oğuztürk stated that the effect of the closure on the holiday on the number of cases will continue in a positive course and said:

holidayThe prohibitions in will have an effect on the number of cases. Our people in the country also have a certain level of knowledge. We are of the opinion that the warnings are somehow known to everyone. We need to activate the nuclear family lifestyle again. One point needs to be paid attention to. During this holiday, activities that may prevent the decrease in the number of cases should be avoided. Please let our people talk on the phone, create their love for their elders, and celebrate the holidays by phone. Let them not make their feast in the form of close contact for the last time.

In order to celebrate the following holidays more comfortably, they must be able to make this sacrifice on this holiday. Believe that those who follow the rules, from healthcare professionals to security forces, make sacrifices. As a result of this sacrifice, these numbers tended to decrease. However, it is vital that our people in the country take care to obey the rules in order not to waste so much effort, as instabilities will reveal the number of cases again in case of a little recklessness and failure to comply with the rules. If we can reduce the numbers and enter the summer period with such numbers in this process, I see very low the possibility of restrictions on the Eid al-Adha as the vaccination practices will increase to a higher level with the next vaccine supplements. “

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