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The question in minds: when will the pandemic end?

World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge said that the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak will end in early 2022.

Speaking to Danish state broadcaster DR, Kluge emphasized that 2021 will be Covid-19, but it will be more cautious and manageable than 2020.


In the news of Fulya Soybaş from Hürriyet newspaper, Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu said, ‘When the epidemic will end depends on how quickly vaccine companies will produce vaccines’ and continued as follows: “Pandemic means ‘global problem’. So as long as you do not control this epidemic worldwide, “Masks are in the air, hurray!” you cannot say. A global problem is not solved only on a national basis. According to the UN statement, 130 countries around the world have not received vaccines. We need more vaccines and new vaccines. But I should not go without saying this. Turkey vaccination can lead rapidly that today, we can catch the end of May, the Ministry of Health immunization targets the 100 million compared to last year, I can tell you better write us wait. It’s too early to take off the mask. If we can achieve social immunity through vaccination, even if we cannot remove the masks, we can transform into a more civilized society next autumn. “


Ministry of Health Social Sciences Board member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan, “You asked from a difficult place?” says. So why is it difficult to answer this question, to give a clear date? Prof. Dr. İlhan summarizes: “Dr. He made a hopeful statement with great motivation. Kluge. He acted optimistically by giving a date. What do you mean once it’s over? How will it end? The intention here is that the daily-social life will continue somehow … Maybe this may be, but my personal opinion is that relaxation does not mean going away from mask-distance-hygiene. 3 basic principles of this war from our lives; We cannot win by removing mask-distance-hygiene. Because the epidemic continues. The virus is mutating. Yes, we know the virus better now, but it would be very ambitious to give a date. But I can say this: “When this epidemic will end will be directly proportional to the vaccination and global developments …”


Infection specialist Dr. from Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. Gökçe İnan: “A clear prediction is not possible. No health authority can say ‘Exactly that date’. Dr. ‘My personal guess,’ he said on Kluge. Do I agree? Yes. Frankly, I think there may be a serious break in early 2022. What worries me is mutations. Though he is under very close monitoring. Analysis of genetic mutation also made Cerrahpaşa Turkey. There is also a prediction that vaccines will be partially effective against mutant viruses. In addition, if vaccines diversify and everyone starts to produce them in their own country, access to the vaccine will be easier. From this perspective, the next year may be more comfortable than this year and the previous year. Are restrictions lifted? It is obvious that it will continue for a while. Because 100 million people worldwide have been vaccinated so far. We cannot talk about herd immunity until 60 percent of the society is immunized. The day everyone gets the vaccine and a certain level of antibodies is caught, this is over. “


Health Sciences University, Head of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Prof. Dr. İlyas Dökmetaş avoids giving a clear date and says ‘There are criteria for this job’. He summarizes the conditions of being able to say ‘the epidemic is over’ as follows: “If countries, in short, if the world decides to live together, if the rich help the poor, if they provide support for water and cleaning agents and vaccines, if we continue to comply with the measures, this epidemic will end. What if we don’t do these things? It is not clear at work. Because the virus is prone to different mutations. It can easily switch from one form to another. The key point here is to be able to say that “vaccination is our common property in the world” and not to let go of measures. There is no epidemic in the world that can last for tens or hundreds of years. If we pay attention to these points, there will be a decreasing trend and we will be relieved a click next year compared to last year, and then at some point this business will be a flu-like
I think it will turn into an infection. “

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