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The world’s door to hearing-impaired children will be opened with ‘video books’

Deciding to support the projects of Gallaudet University in the USA named “Mindheart” and “RiseBooks”, TÖMER Sign Language Programs Coordinatorship started to translate video books prepared for hearing-impaired children into Turkish Sign Language.

Family, thanks to the work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, as well as Turkey supported the civil society organizations such as the Federation of the Deaf, hearing-impaired children a lot of free publications that can access and Turkish Sign Language.


The first book translated into Turkish Sign Language for children within the scope of the project was “Hello, My Name is Corona Virus”. The video book, published worldwide under the brand name “Ankara University”, was prepared with Turkish written text and Turkish Sign Language.

Dr. Bakhtiar Makaroğl and Mesut Ozturk under the supervision of Jasmine by Gucluturk by Turkish and Turkey’s first hearing Sinai from impaired interpreters Bilgicler in the book translated into Turkish Sign Language, which is what the virus to children corona, and their age how they can be protected from epidemic is told in an appropriate manner.

Ankara University has also translated into Turkish Sign Language the publications “3 Kittens”, “7 Colors of the Rainbow” and “Very Big, Very Small”, which teach children the titles of big and small, telling about the exciting, cute and unfortunate memories of 3 kittens.

Publications available for free use can be accessed via social media accounts called TÖMER Sign Language.

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