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Third month results in Sinovac: Although the antibody decreased, the number of people who got sick remained at 2 percent – Health News

Head of the Department of Public Health, who was part of the research team, Prof. Dr. Erhan Eser evaluated the results with these words:

“We screened everyone’s antibodies before we got vaccinated. We included people who were antibody negative, who did not have antibodies, that is, who had not been sick before. One of the critical points of our study was that this 3-month period coincided with a high epidemic period in Turkey. This vaccine did well in terms of potency testing. In this respect, out of 1053 vaccinated people, 30 people got sick, which is a very good figure, equivalent to 2.8. We have another number. Relatives, spouses and children of 151 healthcare workers living in the same household became ill during this 3-month period. Only 18 of these 151 healthcare workers whose relatives fell ill were infected. Therefore, we think that this rate is 12 percent. This means that the vaccine protects us by 88 percent, even if we are in very close contact or in risky contact.

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