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Turkey statement from Johnson Johnson: There were carcinogenic substances in sunscreens – Health News

It is recommended to use sunscreen to protect from the harmful rays of the sun on hot summer days.

Benzene, which causes cancer, was detected in some sunscreens of Johnson & Johnson, a bar of many famous brands.

Thereupon, the company had the aerosol sunscreens recalled around the world. Finally, the company made a statement about Turkey.

Johnson & Johnson aerosol sunscreen products containing carcinogenic substances not sold in Turkey stated.

Although low levels of benzene were detected in Johnson & Johnson Aveeno Protect, Refresh aerosol sunscreen, Beach Defense aerosol under the Neutrogena brand, CoolDry Sport aerosol, Invisible Daily Defense aerosol and UltraSheer aerosol sunscreens.


Benzene is the simplest member of the class of organic compounds called arene or aromatic hydrocarbons. It has a colorless, flammable structure.

Many people are exposed to benzene in poorly ventilated factories and workshops due to adhesives, solvents and cleaning agents, which is a chemical exposed to millions of workers worldwide working in the car repair, printing and paint industry.


Johnson & Johnson was recently fined for baby powder.

The company, whose baby care products are sold around the world, was previously sold in St. Mary’s, Missouri, for its talc-based baby powder mixed with the cancer-causing asbestos. The $2.1 billion fine given by the St. Louis Court was also upheld by the appeals court.

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