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Turkey’s innovative vaccine candidates entered the WHO list – Health News

TUBITAK 19 Turkey Platform Covidien-time work under the roof and most innovative vaccines based on one of the accepted methods of virus-like particles (VLP) became the 4th vaccine candidate in the world to switch to human trials of the vaccine study, and the World Health Organization (DSÖ) made it to the list.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Covid-19 The relevant organizations before entering the territory of Turkey Ministry brings together scientists under the umbrella of TÜBİTAK, it will be able to fight the virus vaccine and began to coordinate drug development efforts. Covidien Turkey TUBITAK established under the 8-19 Platform vaccine, intensified work on 17 projects, including nine of drugs.

VLP-based vaccine study, which is considered as an innovative method within the platform, has also been initiated. Prof. Dr. The vaccine candidate, which was started to be developed with the joint project of Mayda Gürsel and the couple from Bilkent University İhsan Gürsel, is based on the principle of imitating a non-infectious form of the virus.

Good news came from the vaccine study based on virus-like particles, which is accepted as an innovative vaccine method all over the world.

World No. TÜBİTAK Covidien-19 Platform within the scope of Turkey is the only technology developed by VLP vaccine study, 27 March Makes 1 passed to the stage. The vaccine candidate was on the WHO’s list of Covid-19 vaccine candidates on March 30, and became the 4th vaccine candidate in the world that entered the clinical stage of this type.


Minister Varank also stated in a written statement that VLP-based vaccines are a very innovative method.

Emphasizing that these vaccines, which are used in different fields, have high potency due to their protein-based nature, Varank said, “The work of our teachers Mayda and İhsan Gürsel became the 4th vaccine candidate in the clinical stage among the VLP vaccine candidates in the world. Thus, it succeeded to enter the list of the World Health Organization.” used the expression.

Reminding that Nobel İlaç visited the Biotechnological Pharmaceutical Plant in TÜBİTAK Marmara Teknokent (MARTEK) in January in order to see the work of the teachers Varank, Mayda and İhsan Gürsel on site, he said, “The necessary infrastructure was established in the first place. plant is ready. ” shared his knowledge.


In VLP type vaccines, the developed virus-like particles mimic the virus in a way that does not cause infection. While these particles induce an immune response, they do not cause illness.

Another feature of the vaccine candidate developed is that it differs from other VLP vaccines, in this platform, 4 structural proteins of the virus are used as vaccine antigens. In this respect, there is no vaccine candidate entering the clinical phase in the world.

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