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Unending Covid: It takes more than 3 months

Usually corona virus The patients who are caught recover after 3-4 weeks of treatment. However, in some patients, this period may exceed 3 months.

World Health Organization (DSÖ), 1 out of 10 patients who had Covid-19 had complaints for more than 12 weeks. In these cases, ‘long Coivd’ means’long Covid‘or’ endless Covid ‘. Especially in patients who survive the virus, this situation is more common, while rehabilitation centers are opened for these patients in the USA and Europe. Recovery times of patients with long Covidia are shortened in rehabilitation centers where breathing exercises and psychiatric support are provided.


Being constantly tired

-Shortness of breath

Anxiety and depression


Chest pains

Joint or muscle pain

-Brain fog, which manifests itself with confusion, forgetfulness and focusing problems


Istanbul Provincial Pandemic Board member and Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Erdogan Cetinkaya, is currently in need of tele-rehabilitation to patients and to do so it needs a center in Turkey are stating that said:

no long Covidien YASYN for our patients in Turkey, but we do not have such a center, which tututlu my lungs or the DfE various organ involvement, we can not get enough healing showed pulmonary rehabilitation patients. Before rehabilitation, patients with Covid-19 and chest pain, palpitations, arrhythmia, cardiology consultation, neurology patients with neurological complaints. we do the consultations “


Yeditepe University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department faculty member Dr. Fzt. Elif Develi said that they gave various exercises to patients with breathing difficulties:

“Pulmonary rehabilitation is recommended to these patients for 6-8 weeks on my return after discharge.”

In order to maintain exercise capacity, patients are provided with light walking and stretching exercises, exercises using body weight, and breathing exercises and respiratory muscle training with a physiotherapist for respiratory problems.


Anxiety disorder, panic attack and obsession can be seen more in people who overcome Covid-19 heavily. Turkey Psychiatry from Denerği Dr. ŞAhut
Duran said, “In individual applications, we can see anxiety, anxiety, fear of getting sick again, fear of death after the disease, while there is no anxiety disorder before Covid-19. .

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