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Unique in the world: Kangal Balıklı Hot Spring of Sivas

Turkey Spa Association Board Member and business owner Fuat Ünsal said that the treatment applied in the fish spa had no side effects.

Ünsal said, “This is a scientific spa where scientists constantly work on various unknown minerals with selenium and silicon in 37 degrees hot water with its unique water, fish and features. Kangal Balıklı Hot Spring is the only treatment in the world that has no side effects for psoriasis and eczema patients. It has an antiseptic feature because it contains selenium. He sends hundreds of thousands of people for their annual treatment. In addition, it is good for other skin and internal diseases, but the disease we highlight is psoriasis and eczema. People come from all over the world. They are treated at the fish spa. Our patients who come to see the difference in a short period of 1 week. They deliver themselves to fish and water for 21 days, ”he said.

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