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‘Vaccination card’ can be shown as a vaccination passport

European Union (EU) countries have started work on the ‘vaccine passport’, which will allow those with Covid-19 vaccine to travel freely. It was stated in the passport that basic medical information such as what type of vaccine was made, where it was made, the result of the PCR test and the level of antibodies with a code such as ‘IBAN’ will be processed.

Dean of Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Public Health Department and a member of the Social Sciences Committee of the Ministry of Health. Dr. Necmi Mustafa Ilhan said in a statement, the electronic healthcare process with corona virus in Turkey, he said that given witnessed in very good shape.

Prof. Dr. İlhan said that within the scope of Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application, codes can be generated and the vaccination time can be followed. Stating that a ‘corona virus vaccine card’ can be created with the new module added to the e-Pulse application, İlhan said, “Our citizens know, our children are given a vaccination card, just as the same can be given to us. We can download it from the system ourselves. Even if some countries request a corona virus vaccine card, “We can upload this electronic document that we download to the system as PDF or add it to the system as a screenshot. It can be easily uploaded to the systems of other countries as it is given by the Ministry of Health and has a barcode.


Prof. Dr. Stating that the vaccination card can be created in both Turkish and English, İlhan said, “We can say that this vaccine card can be called a vaccine passport, it can be printed in both Turkish and English, which has a great advantage. Ranks officially I’m the vaccine. There under the barcode, these are people who also want the barcode can query the vaccine digitally. vaccination card provided by the Republic of Turkey, this, this can be shown as the vaccine passport to places that wish, “he said.


Ministry of Health Scientific Committee member Prof. Dr. Levent Akın, on the other hand, said that the EU’s implementation of the draft vaccine passport does not make sense. Akın reminded that while going to some African countries, they were given a ‘yellow fever vaccine’ and some drugs were taken against malaria.

Akın said, “Why, because there is no disease in our region, but there is a disease in that region. They aim to prevent the incoming people from getting that disease or not to infect that country if there is any. Now the number of countries that access the vaccine is very limited. But one of all countries comes, education, trade, Therefore, the implementation of the vaccine passport before the vaccination program is completed in the world creates a huge risk, creates a huge problem in terms of both human rights and international relations.There are countries that cannot be vaccinated. Then, a reasonable time before the arrival of people from this country, which is usually 48 hours, they enter the country to be tested. Thus, you protect the country with a reduced number of cases from the country with a high number of cases, “he said.


Noting that there is a lot of debate in the world about the vaccine passport, Akın said:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly opposes the implementation of the vaccine passport at this time. It may be in the future. The world’s vaccine production capacity is around 2.5-3 billion. The number of people who need to be vaccinated in the world is 7 billion. So we will continue to vaccinate in 2022. How you will prevent people who have not been vaccinated from traveling, then this socialization, liberalization, globalization, whatever you call it, will be contradicted with this part of the world. So this is not very possible. You can show that you are clean in the queue and that you do not carry any diseases. But the vaccine passport is not something that comes to my mind at least until 2023.

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