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Vaccine awareness campaign from TESK | NTV

Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK), 82 unions, 13 professional federations and 3 thousand 200 rooms within the scope of combating the new type of corona virus (Covid-19). awareness campaign for vaccine is starting.

According to the statement made by TESK, brochures were hung on all workplaces and commercial vehicles affiliated to the Confederation, which is the umbrella organization of more than 2 million tradesmen and craftsmen across the country, as of the end of June, with the slogans “I’m Vaccinated, Do You?” Citizens will be encouraged to get vaccinated.

TESK Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, whose views were included in the statement, drew attention to the fact that in addition to complying with the mask, distance and hygiene rules within the scope of the fight against Covid-19, being vaccinated is a great shield in protection from the virus.

Considering that some citizens have wrong prejudices about vaccines, Palandöken stated that they started an awareness campaign in all workplaces across the country in order to explain the place and importance of the vaccine in protection from the virus, and used the following statements:

“In this context, as TESK, we have printed posters to send to our workplaces and commercial vehicles in all sectors. Emphasizing that the vaccine is safe and that the citizens should not be afraid of the vaccine, we will start our campaign by the end of the month so that there is not even a single citizen who is not vaccinated across the country.”

Emphasizing that the struggle of all citizens with tradesmen and craftsmen since the beginning of the epidemic should result in victory thanks to the vaccine, Palandöken said:

“Our citizens should never listen to the information pollution circulating about vaccines. Considering the opinions and thoughts of scientists, vaccination must be done in order to live safely. The decrease in the rate of disease and the number of cases is a signal that we will now achieve success in the struggle we have been fighting for one and a half years. Getting rid of the epidemic and finding peace in the country. For this reason, all our citizens should be vaccinated in their turn.”

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