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Vaccine explanation from Johnson Johnson: may need to be repeated every year

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky said people may need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 annually, such as seasonal flu vaccines.

In a statement on CNBC, Gorsky said, “I’m sorry to say that the virus will continue to mutate as it spreads,” while using the expressions, “Every mutation the virus suffers will also improve on the ability to fend off antibodies. This situation may affect the treatments as well as develop different conditions for vaccines, ”he said.


Johnson & Johnson applied for emergency use approval in the US last week, and announced that it will apply for emergency use approval in Europe in the coming weeks.

Alex Gorsky underlined that their vaccines are more advantageous than other vaccines, and that other vaccines have logistical advantages as two doses of their own vaccines are administered in one dose.


Gorsky told CNBC that the company’s first priority is to work with the FDA for US authorization. He said J & J is working “at full speed” on vaccine production and the company is “extremely confident” that it will reach its goal of delivering 100 million doses of the vaccine to the US by the end of June.

In the report published on January 29, Johnson & Johnson announced that the vaccine candidate had a 66 percent infection prevention rate in global trials.

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