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Vaccine queue in hospitals in Istanbul

Vaccine queue in hospitals in Istanbul

After the announcement of Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca on his social media account, all employees registered with the SGK and those aged 40 and over took the road to hospitals in Istanbul to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Queues formed in front of some hospitals.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that all employees registered with the SGK and those aged 40 and over have received the corona virus vaccine.
After the announcement, those who received vaccination appointments began to go to hospitals in Istanbul. Those who came to Bayrampaşa State Hospital formed long queues in the garden. Those whose turn was taken were taken inside and vaccinated.
Orhan Katırcı, who was vaccinated, said, “We are pleased. I am a private sector employee. I waited in line. Because it is crowded, they let them in in groups of 20. There is a density. The distance rule is not followed. Our people are burdened, they do not leave distance. I have the vaccine, I will go to work.”
Suat Aksoy, who gave up getting vaccinated because of the crowd, said, “I have not been vaccinated. I came to get vaccinated, I did not want to enter this crowd. There is a lot of demand, there is a crowd. Let some time pass, I will come and get vaccinated at a suitable time.”
Mehmet Yarici, who came to be vaccinated, said, “We got the vaccine, thank goodness. We made an appointment. The system collapsed because everyone was uploaded to the system. There is a lot of density. That’s why they take it ordinary, but it moves quickly. I’m out, I go to work, I’m a driver. I’m 47. It’s an effect for now No, I didn’t feel anything,” he said.
Those who made an appointment to be vaccinated in Esenyurt formed a queue in the garden of Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu State Hospital. Those whose turn came, got their vaccinations.

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