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Vaccine trial in Brazil: Deaths decreased by 95 percent

BrazilThe Butantan Institute, which carries out biological research in the state of Sao Paulo in Turkey, provides adults with a population of approximately 45 thousand people in Serrana. CoronaVac vaccinated”Project Sannounced the results of.

Accordingly, 95 percent of adults (about 27 thousand people) in Serrana received both doses of the CoronaVac vaccine in February, March and April. After vaccination, death from Covid-19 decreased by 95 percent, hospitalization by 86 percent, and those who survived the disease by 80 percent compared to the previous period.

In addition, despite the fact that about 10 thousand people go to the town of Ribeirao Preto from Serrana to work every day and the cases increase in the surrounding areas, the continued decline in cases in Serrana revealed that vaccination also prevents the introduction of the virus from outside.


Butantan Institute Clinical Research Director Ricardo Palacios stated that the immunity obtained in adults also reflects positively on people under the age of 18, saying, “The decrease in cases in people who are not vaccinated indicates that the circulation of the virus in the community has decreased. This shows that vaccination protects not only individual but also public health. ” said.

Dimas Covas, President of the Butantane Institute, said: “The important results of the study could support immunization strategies in Brazil and around the world, promising to contain the epidemic with vaccines like CoronaVac.” used the phrases.

As part of the “S Project”, the town of Serrana was divided into 25 areas, and 95 percent of the population over the age of 18 was given the CoronaVac vaccine for 8 weeks from February 17 to April, with a 28-day gap between the two doses.

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